About Us

Creative | Efficient | Innovative

At Shezaad Ally Photography we specialize in high-end wedding photography with a hint of fashion and fine art incorporated into it. We offer our clients the finest wedding and engagement photography experience available in Durban, Cape Town & Johannesburg.

Our exciting journey into photography started in 2010. We started as little group of friends as enthusiast. Eventuallywe decided to take it to the next level and make this our full time employment. One thing is for sure, we do NOT look back! We are always searching for new ways to push boundaries in order to create spectacular imagery.


We offer pre wedding shoots as a little trial run before the big day. This is included in all our packages. We want our clients to get to know our style in order to kill those nerves and get some natural looking images on the day.

Personal Connection

We try our best to create that personal connection with all our clients before the big day. We want to get to know you so you not having to meet us for the first time on your wedding day. We arrange meetings before every event to discuss our strategy, how we work and most importantly we want you to be comfortable sharing a kiss in front of the camera. Nothing’s worse than sharing an awkward kiss in front of a stranger

Our goal is to tell your story in the most compelling way possible. We treat every wedding with the care and individual attention that it deserves. What could be more important than providing your family with beautiful images, giving you lasting enjoyment for years, and hopefully generations to come? We put our all into each and every wedding. The responsibility of documenting your day is one we take very seriously.